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Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit full papers in English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Environmental Engineering
Air Pollution Monitor
Climate Change and Global Warming
Control of Groundwater Pollution
Water Quality Monitoring
Sewage Treatment and Utilization
Remote Sensing and Environment
Hydrobiology and Water Pollution
Environmental Pollution Risk Assessment
Environmental chemistry
Environment Pollution and Management
Environmental Protection Engineering
Noise and Acoustics
Industrial Waste Treatment
Atmospheric Environment
Water Environment
Electromagnetic Wave and Telecommunication
Soil/Regional/Urban Environment
Environmental Remediation Engineering
Resources of Science and Technology
Environmental Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Chemical Pollutants and Its Influence On Health
Geographical/Geological Environment
Cosmic/Ecological Environment
Marine/Investment Environment
Native Environment
Secondary Environment
Market Environment
Hardware/Software Environment

Topic 3: Geography
Soil Science
Marine Resources
Geological Disasters
Atmospheric Sciences
Environmental Science
Exploration Engineering
Environmental Geology
Mathematical Geology
Geological Remote Sensing
Geographic Information Systems


Topic 2: Energy Sustainable/Renewable Energy
Biofuels/Biofuel Cells
Hybrid Energy Systems
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Advanced Energy Technologies
Nuclear Energy Fission & Fussion
Energy Policy, Planning & Management
Biomass Energy
Bulk Power Generation
Energy Storage
Energy and Environment
Energy Efficiency
Energy Policies
Energy Pricing
FACTS and HVDC Transmission System
Islanding Mechanisms
Load Shedding
Geothermal Resources
Waste Products as Fuel
Nuclear Safety
Nuclear Technologies
Breakdown Impacts
Deregulation of Electric Supply Industry
Global Restructuring
Investment Coordination
Risk Analysis
ROI Caps

Topic 4: Earth Science
Environmental Geology
Marine Geology
Climate Change
Rock and Mineral Deposits
Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Earth Exploration and Information Technology

Other related topics


Please download the Paper Format Template and Submission Form,and send your Paper(s) and Submission Form to EEES2018 via email.

Paper Format Template Submission Form

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